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Greasewood Moth (Agapema galbina-SGCN)

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The Greasewood Moth (Agapema galbina-SGCN) painting is a unique 3 x 6 x 1.625 , Acrylic painting on acid-free, archival panel and can be hung with or without a frame, or displayed upon a shelf.


"The Tamaulipan agapema was formerly found in Cameron and Hidalgo Counties, Texas, and in Tamaulipas, Mexico. However, it is believed to extirpated from the U.S. portion of its range (NatureServe 2017). It inhabits Tamaulipan thornscrub with adequate densities of the caterpillar host plant, Brasil (TPWD 2017b). Conversion of Tamaulipan thornscrub to agriculture has caused it to be lost from the Rio Grande Valley (NatureServe 2017)". 
According to TPWD This species is Possibly Extirpated (Historical) in Texas— Species or community occurred historically in the nation or state/province, and there is some possibility that it may be rediscovered. Its presence may not have been verified in the past 20-40 years. A species or community could become NH or SH without such a 20-40 year delay if the only known occurrences in a nation or state/province were destroyed or if it had been extensively and unsuccessfully looked for. The NH or SH rank is reserved for species or communities for which some effort has been made to relocate occurrences, rather than simply using this status for all elements not known from verified extant occurrences. Critically Imperiled — At very high risk of extinction due to extreme rarity (often 5 or fewer populations), very steep declines, or other factors. 

5% of the sale of THESE WORKS will be donated to TPWD Nongame Fund

You can help by writing your U.S. House Representative to urge them to co-sponsor the Recovering America’s Wildlife Act (RAWA), H.R.3742 and planting native plants!

For More information on RAWA check out:


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  • Color may vary slightly from what is seen on a computer monitor.
  • Artist retains rights to image.
  • Created 2019
  • Panel is warp resistant, kiln dried New Zealand Pine cradles.
  • Hanging assembly NOT included.

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