ART PLAY TUTORIAL: Marker as Watercolor!

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This is a DOWNLOADABLE TUTORIAL. Once you purchase this video, an email to be sent to you with the tutorial link. You will have unlimited access to this video. 


In this tutorial is 3-for-1, your'll learn MARKERS AS WATERCOLOR!  



    • Safe place to paint & put wet paintings (cover table?)

    • Crayons (white!)

    • Brush

    • Sturdy paper ~2-3 pieces

    • Sharpie

    • Sturdy container of water

    • Old rag

    • Markers

    • Watercolor paint


ART PLAY. It's all about EXPERIMENTS. CARVING OUT creative space & time for yourself feels good. 

The point to this activity is PROCESS- not necessarily PRODUCT- though a nice product will often come of it as well. Plan on playing & experimenting with art techniques & supplies. The art supplies for this class were chosen because they are fairly basic and you can play with these techniques for, let's be honest... the rest of your life... Enjoy!  

*Please note, this tutorial will be sharing the technique, not necessarily teaching you how to make the image that is pictured. 





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