ART PLAY TUTORIAL: 2-in1 Cardboard Collage & Rubbing Plate

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This is a DOWNLOADABLE TUTORIAL. Once you purchase this video, an email to be sent to you with the tutorial link. You will have unlimited access to this video. 



In this tutorial you will learn how to CREATE BOTH A RUBBING PLATE & CARDBOARD COLLAGE!  



    • Safe place to glue (cover the table? Device safe from water?)

    • Sturdy paper /watercolor paper/ multi-media paper

    • Cereal Box

    • Eraser

    • Elmers Glue or Mod Podge

    • Sturdy container for water

    • Container lid to pour glue into

    • Pencil

    • Old Washrag

    • Scissors

    • Crayons

    • Old brush to apply glue


    ART PLAY. It's all about EXPERIMENTS. CARVING OUT creative space & time for yourself feels good. 

    The point to this activity is PROCESS- not necessarily PRODUCT- though a nice product will often come of it as well. Plan on playing & experimenting with art techniques & supplies. The art supplies for this class were chosen because they are fairly basic and you can play with these techniques for, let's be honest... the rest of your life... Enjoy!  

    *Please note, this tutorial will be sharing the technique, not necessarily teaching you how to make the image that is pictured. 



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