University of Texas Artist Fellow - "Art of the State"

Planet Texas 2050

Making Texas resilient is our grand challenge.

"The compounding and cascading challenges driven by climate change and rapid population growth will bring more floods, more droughts and more heat affecting more people across Texas and beyond. In order to thrive, we need innovative strategies to equitably adapt to these new realities and to mitigate negative impacts our communities.

Artists play an indispensable role in the movement to combat the climate crisis and to fortify community resilience in the face of climate-related challenges.

Science and data alone are clearly insufficient to address the existential challenges we now face. It will be impossible to solve the climate crisis, across Texas and beyond, without diverse and powerful storytelling that helps ground us in our shared humanity, create meaning from complexity, and maintain our collective capacity for hope in a better future."


"Art of the State" READ the FULL ARTICLE HERE

Words by Michael Wolman