Total Eclipse 2024 - Rare Texas Species

As anticipation builds for the upcoming total eclipse in Texas on April 8, it becomes evident that humans won't be the sole witnesses of this celestial spectacle. Even NASA is taking note (contribute to the Eclipse Soundscape Project.)

Color Palette of the Texas state threatened White-faced Ibis, eclipsed.

In collaboration with Siglo Group, Artist Juliet Whitsett has delved into a unique exploration, utilizing diverse sources such as eclipse maps, iNaturalist observations, and Texas' Rare, Threatened, and Endangered Species data

With a keen focus on the natural world, Whitsett has identified and documented the rare species in Texas that may also experience this extraordinary natural phenomenon. By merging art and science, her project sheds light on the interconnectedness of natural events and the diverse ecosystems that coexist beneath the shadow of the impending eclipse.

A total of 102 of Texas' Endangered and Threatened species were calculated within the path of totality range for the upcoming eclipse. Out of these, 62 species were specifically identified on iNaturalist as having been sighted within the path of totality during the exact time frame in past years.

The complete list of Texas' Endangered and Threatened species documented on iNaturalist in the path of totality can be found below and HERE

Reptiles1alligator snapping turtleMacrochelys temminckii
Amphibians2Austin blind salamanderEurycea waterlooensis
Amphibians3Barton Springs salamanderEurycea sosorum
Plants4bracted twistflowerStreptanthus bracteatus
Mollusks5Brazos heelsplitterPotamilus streckersoni
Reptiles6Brazos water snakeNerodia harteri
Reptiles7Cagle's map turtleGraptemys caglei
Amphibians8Cascade Caverns salamanderEurycea latitans
Fish9chub shinerNotropis potteri
Insects10Comal Springs dryopid beetleStygoparnus comalensis
Insects11Comal Springs riffle beetleHeterelmis comalensis
Fish12Devils River minnowDionda diaboli
Plants13Don Richards' spring mossDonrichardsia macroneuron
Plants14earth fruitGeocarpon minimum
Mollusks15false spikeFusconaia mitchelli
Fish16fountain darterEtheostoma fonticola
Fish17Frio roundnose minnowDionda serena
Amphibians18Georgetown salamanderEurycea naufragia
Birds19golden-cheeked warblerSetophaga chrysoparia
Fish20Guadalupe darterPercina apristis
Mollusks21Guadalupe fatmucketLampsilis bergmanni
Mollusks22Guadalupe orbCyclonaias necki
Fish23headwater catfishIctalurus lupus
Amphibians24Jollyville Plateau salamanderEurycea tonkawae
Plants25large-fruited sand-verbenaAbronia macrocarpa
Mollusks26Louisiana pigtoePleurobema riddellii
Fish27Medina roundnose minnowDionda nigrotaeniata
Fish28Mexican blindcatPrietella phreatophila
Plants29Navasota ladies'-tressesSpiranthes parksii
Plants30Neches River rose-mallowHibiscus dasycalyx
Reptiles31northern scarlet snakeCemophora coccinea
Fish32paddlefishPolyodon spathula
Birds33piping ploverCharadrius melodus
Fish34plateau shinerCyprinella lepida
Fish35proserpine shinerCyprinella proserpina
Fish36Red River pupfishCyprinodon rubrofluviatilis
Fish37Rio Grande darterEtheostoma grahami
Plants38rock quillwortIsoetes lithophila
Amphibians39Salado Springs salamanderEurycea chisholmensis
Amphibians40San Marcos salamanderEurycea nana
Mollusks41sandbank pocketbookLampsilis satura
Fish42shovelnose sturgeonScaphirhynchus platorynchus
Plants43small-headed pipewortEriocaulon koernickianum
Mollusks44southern hickorynutObovaria arkansasensis
Amphibians45Texas blind salamanderEurycea rathbuni
Mollusks46Texas fatmucketLampsilis bracteata
Mollusks47Texas fawnsfootTruncilla macrodon
Mollusks48Texas heelsplitterPotamilus amphichaenus
Reptiles49Texas horned lizardPhrynosoma cornutum
Mollusks50Texas hornshellPopenaias popeii
Mollusks51Texas pigtoeFusconaia askewi
Mollusks52Texas pimplebackCyclonaias petrina
Amphibians53Texas salamanderEurycea neotenes
Plants54Texas snowbellsStyrax platanifolius ssp. texanus
Reptiles55Texas tortoiseGopherus berlandieri
Plants56Texas wild-riceZizania texana
Plants57Tobusch fishhook cactusSclerocactus brevihamatus ssp. tobuschii
Reptiles58Trans-Pecos black-headed snakeTantilla cucullata
Mollusks59Trinity pigtoeFusconaia chunii
Birds60tropical parulaSetophaga pitiayumi
Birds61white-faced ibisPlegadis chihi
Birds62whooping craneGrus americana
Birds63zone-tailed hawkButeo albonotatus


View Whitsett's performance work "ESPILCE | ECLIPSE"  sharing the iNaturalist documented rare species in line to experience the eclipse. 


Map source:


Texas' Rare, Threatened, and Endangered Species data.