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SMALL can be BIG. The Really Small Museum is a (very small) white cube exhibition space that originated in 2021 to infuse art, celebration, conversation, and connection into two East Austin neighborhoods. Having featured works from over 60 artists, the impact of this community art project has extended far beyond the original front yards. As part of the 2024-2025 Trail Conservancy | TEMPO Project on the Holly Lakefront Trail, Really Small Museum- Eco will center on collaborations with artists focused on the environment, ecology, sustainability and the natural world. Over the course of a year, it will showcase twelve artists including an exhibition of curator Juliet Whitsett’s own art advocating for threatened and endangered species.



The Really Small Museum - Eco Art History:

This quote by Allison Crimmins, Director, National Climate Assessment said it well- "I was once asked at
a climate change conference what we need to “save the world.” I’m sure the questioner was expecting a
technical or perhaps policy-related answer. But my response was: “More artists.”

The RSM project originated in 2021 in East Austin, a collaborative effort between Austin-based artists
Juliet Whitsett and Marianne Newsom. Each small museum, measuring 18" x 18" x 12" and carrying the
tagline "Small can be BIG," the RSM project emerged as a highly successful, really small but impactful
community-arts initiative. The free and accessible East Austin arts installations, The 14th Corner
Contemporary and The Banton Road Museum of Art, engaged over 50 artists and musicians in their
inaugural year. Within that time frame, the RSM gained recognition from premier online art magazines
like Glasstire, featured in community publications such as EASTside Magazine and the Cherrywood Flea,
and earned an "Austin Chronicle “Best of Austin”. The installations have become beloved
attractions for both locals and tourists alike.

Originally conceived as a 12-month community-based art installation, Eco Artist Juliet Whitsett took the
reins and extended the project beyond its inaugural season into 2023, rebranding the white cubes as an
Eco Museums. The 2023 @ReallySmallMuseum_atx season centered on powerful collaborations with
artists whose practices highlight ecology, sustainability, and environmental art—projects aimed at
inspiring thought, action, and ethical engagement.

The museum's free and accessible East Austin arts installations ("The 14th Corner Contemporary- ECO Museum, and The Banton Road Museum of Art) engaged over 50 artists and musicians in their first year (2021- 2022) alone.