Paddlefish (Polyodon spathula)

What has a 3rd eye, sensors on its skin to detects electricity, and can become airborne jumping out of the water?

The Paddlefish.

The Paddlefish is a living fossil (records of paddlefish date back over 125 million years) and the now thought to be the only species of its kind after the Chinese Paddlefish has recently been presumed extinct in 2019.  

The dark grey that was sampled for this work comes from clusters of electroreceptors (ampullae of lorenzini) located all over its rostrum (the paddle!) and most of its body.  They detect the electricity generated by its prey! 

Like some other reptiles, they have a 3rd eye- This eye doesn't actually form an image for the fish but apparently detects light, which dictates hormonal changes through different seasons. 

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