AUDIO WILD: Welcome to Red Bluff- with Pete Rivera

One of the most inspiring people I have had the pleasure of working with is Pete Rivera, a true community hero. 

In August, 2022 I sat down with Pete to record the story of how he led the charge to save Red Bluff, now a Nature Preserve. Pete's story was so inspiring, I worked to create a piece that would share it widely.

My Audio Wild highlights Pete’s story, and is now a permanent welcome sign and audio art piece at the Harold Court entrance (5607 Harold Court, Austin, TX 78721). LISTEN HERE .

I hope you take a hike, and learn more about Pete and the history of the land at Red Bluff. 

Audio Wild seeks to provide nature preserve visitors with compelling stories that provide a deeper sense of place through an auditory experience tailored to the site. Audio Wild is a work in progress and new recordings will be added as they are completed. Audio Wild recordings may provide the listener with a variety of experiences including unique insights into the natural history of the site, interesting facts about plants or animals in the area, or stories recounting the history of the site. 

Art & Production by Juliet Whitsett. Accompanying music, Courtesy of Michael Blake." @quebecantique

Austin Skyline view from Red Bluff, 2022