It is an event designed to provoke exploration around Texas' rarest species...

Participants become a part of Whitsett's body of work, "Encounters wIth Biodiversity," as she invites collaborators through a series of activations, and immersive participatory experiences.

Participants experience the colors & palettes of all 73 endangered Texas species, engage empathy and become ambassadors of an endangered species.


"In the end, we will conserve only what we love. We will love only what we understand. We will understand only what we are taught." -Baba Dioum



To BECOME a part of the art all that is required is the following.

1) Take some time with Juliet Whitsett's endangered species color palettes. Choose one or select at random a palette that you are drawn to for any reason.

2) Take careful note of the colors you see, the name of your species, the feelings these colors evoke.

3) NOW is when you are invited to BECOME a part of the art. Select or create a color palette button of your species.(Artist may provide pre-made or assist participants in creating their own)

4) You are now the chosen species Ambassador. Activation and conversation is key to this work.Take 3-5 minutes to learn about the species you chose.

You may discover:

  • Where it lives? Its distribution?
  • What is its habitat?
  • Any distinguishing features?
  • Anything fascinating about this species?
  • Threats or reasons for decline?
  • Current recovery program?
  • Notable ways you can help?

4) It is very likely that you now know more about this species than anyone else in the room. Try to remember 2-3 facts about this species (or write them down).

If you are willing to share one of many facts you have learned about your chosen species with other participants, display your button prominently.

Thank you for your collaboration.


Artist Juliet Whitsett with a portion of the 73 Color Palettes sampled from Texas' Endangered Species. Photo Credit: Charles Heppner