VIDEO HOW TO: Watercolor Resist (1:35 min)

VIDEO HOW TO: Watercolor Resist (Artist Credit: Sequoia Whitsett- Age 6)

There are lots of easy and fun techniques we can use to spark creative ideas to make and share art! Watercolor resist is one of them. You can use crayon, glue, or even oil pastels to resist the paint on your work to create some interesting textures and marks. Here, our 6 year old artist designed an amazing party hat for her friend’s birthday using colored pencil. 

She then traced her lines with clear glue left to dry- (regular white glue works too).

After lunch and a play date, she came back with more colored pencil designs…

Then painted her colorful hat.

She used a second resist technique for the stars- yellow and white crayons resisted the paint and made a beautiful starry night for the imaginary party!