How To Draw A Cupcake (Yum!)

You can draw this... even if you've ever said the following:  "I can't even draw a stick figure!" 

My daughters love to draw.  I think it is because I have given them lots and lots and lot of opportunities to do so.  They have felt some success, because they know my version of success is simple.  

"I'm proud of you if you try- Stick with it. If you don't get something the way you want it the first time, you will eventually if you practice."  

Today I gave them the challenge to draw with me, but to use a Sharpie so that they could not rely on an eraser. Their focus was incredible.  I taught them 6 new types of drawings and after learning the basic shapes and lines, after a little practice they felt empowered to add their own flair and creative ideas. 

Here's the deal on how to draw one version of a cupcake- try it with your child. Try it by yourself.  If you have a hard time, stick with it. If you don't draw the cupcake the way you want the first time, you will eventually if you practice... and if I can explain anything clearer in the future, leave me a comment.  I'll get better with practice too.