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You're DARN TOOTIN' it's a blast to MAKE alongside good friends! Giddyup Art Studio's MAKE NIGHT MAMAS classes aren't only fun, they are educational! 

Giddyup Art Studio is bringing friends together for a night filled with making merriment! During this 1.5 hour experience Giddyup Art Studio will walk you through an art project you can do just for fun OR WITH the little ones in your life. 

  • I'll gather supplies & PLAN one creative hour for JUST you big kids ;)...
  • I'll PRESENT the project in a really fun way... .
  • I'll give you tips on ART PLAY & how to nurture creativity with a child in your life...
  • I'll EVEN supply light snacks & vino
  • AND I'll CLEAN UP! 

Date: TBD: 7:00-8:30pm

Ticket Price: $32 & Good Attitude

Location: 1311 Harvey Street (it's my house, y'all... there may be family interruptions but you get it...) 

Registration REQUIRED for participation (Seating limited)! 


7:00~7:20: Snacks, wine and mingle
~7:20-8:20: Art instruction & art card making! 
8:20-8:30 Wrap up 

(Want to plan your own event? Reach out to to customize your art experience and to reserve your group!)


Contact Ms. Juliet with questions or to register!




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