5:00-6:00 TUESDAY CLASS: Ages 10+: Art Recess (15 Week Semester/ $22 per class)

Now CLOSED. Contace howdy@giddyupartstudio.com with questions
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ART Recess: With the help and guidance of Ms. Juliet, every Young Artist Participant will have the opportunity to create according to their interests! Bring your ideas!  Let's make them happen!

    • Ages 10+: Tuesdays: 5:00 - 6:00 pm: 
    • January 14 - April 28th (May 5th
    • COST: $330/ 15 Week Semester (some materials fees may apply depending on student interests)

*No classes March 17th
*May 5th is reserved as a makeup date in case of instructor has to cancel a class for some reason. 

Contact  Ms. Juliet with questions or to register! howdy@giddyupartstudio.com


(I work with all kinds of billing options, pay all at once or pay monthly!  Let me know your preference in an email howdy@giddyupartstudio.com)


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